Towards the design laboratory

A place to experiment new concepts, future ideas, dreams of wonderland and dreams from wonderland.

Towards the lasercut design

Soul ideogram. Skin and bones. Light and dark playfulness.
The laser cut design consists within itself the language of architecture, art and fashion. Construction and deconstruction which creates the shadow, the leftover from all that carving inside the material. An experiment in architecture: examining the limits of the Plexiglas, an adventure between the colors, ideas and forms. Lasercut Design is a link between the immaterial drawing and the material. Print of all the dreams, experiences, impressions on the senses, individualities. A sketch for the jewelry of the future.

Designing for the Future: Trends we need to consider now: The Ideal Dialectics

The combination of dialectics between technology and hand-work will inevitably become a trademark, a distinguishable authenticity stam...